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Common Issues with Cables & Tracks

Cable problems often include fraying or snapping due to wear-and-tear over time - something that even This Old House explains.Tracks might bend out of shape after being hit accidentally by a vehicle or large object inside the garage. Misalignment also occurs from simple use over years without regular maintenance.

Solutions Offered By Gibson Garage Door Repair

  • We replace broken cables promptly – we understand how vital these parts are for smooth functioning.
  • We fix bent tracks using specialized tools designed just for this task.
  • Maintenance services to prevent future problems – we don't just fix your garage door, but make sure it stays fixed.

Why Choose Gibson Garage Door Repair?

At Gibson Garage Door Repair, our experts have years of experience in the field. We're not only knowledgeable about how these components work but also understand their significance in the overall functionality and safety of your garage door.often take a beating. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs of your garage door parts, especially cables and tracks that are prone to wear and tear, is the key to ensuring your system runs smoothly.

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